What do they think about me…

“I had never traveled outside the United States when my husband accepted his job in Italy. I sometimes get overwhelmed living here and learning a second language. Not only does Alessandra have extensive technical knowledge regarding the language but she somehow always seems to know what to say to keep me excited and motivated to learn and try. Learning a second language is hard and Alessandra gives me the confidence to keep trying! This is everything when you are new to a language:) “

Verbling student

“Beautiful lessons. A pleasure to deal with!”

Verbling student

“It has been a huge challenge for me combining this course with work, but I am very happy that I did not give up because I feel like I have improved a lot during these months. Now I can actually speak a little, it is crazy! And it is also thanks to you, you have been an awesome teacher Alessandra!”

Dalarna University Student

“I just wanted to say thanks again. I really enjoyed Italian (challenging but worthwhile) this term. I appreciate the advice and the feedback, I’ll return again to it.”

Dalarna University Student

“Thank you Alessandra! We were all impressed by your enthusiasm, even it’s just a couple of weeks. Many thanks for your support!”

University of Genoa Students

“I think you do a fantastic job as the teacher. I truly do. Having been a teacher at a university myself – I can really see and appreciate your efforts. I very much appreciate you making us re-write our homework. It takes a lot from you, but is very useful for us who attend.”

Dalarna University Student


Mi chiamo Alessandra Giglio, attualmente vivo in Südtirol con la mia famiglia e il mio quadrupede. Sono Ricercatrice a Tempo Indeterminato presso l’Università del Dalarna (Svezia) e ho svolto attività didattica e di ricerca presso le università di Bolzano, Modena e Reggio Emilia, Parma, Genova, Stranieri di Siena, Stranieri di Perugia, e presso il CNR - Istituto di Tecnologie Didattiche. Ho conseguito il dottorato di ricerca europeo in “Lingue, Culture e Tecnologie” e mi sono specializzata nella didattica dell'italiano a stranieri frequentando un Master.

Dal 2006 mi occupo di didattica dell'italiano (in diverse scuole italiane e internazionali, università, centri di educazione per adulti), di formazione di formatori e di e-learning. Sono inoltre esaminatrice e autrice di prove di certificazione internazionale e sono autrice di diversi saggi e manuali.

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